Francesco Parisi
Master's Student in Computer Science at University of Salerno

Hello! I’m Francesco Parisi

As a curious and driven student, I am always seeking out the latest advancements and eager to take on new and stimulating projects. My passion for cloud computing and IT security has led me to gain valuable knowledge and experience with major cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, as well as security tools in the pentesting field. In the future, I aspire to become a Cloud Security Specialist, utilizing my expertise in cloud computing and security to protect businesses and their data from cyber threats. I strongly believe that precision, organization, and teamwork are fundamental to achieving any set goals and I am committed to continuously expanding my skills and knowledge in this field to excel in this role.

  • Html/Css/Javascript
  • C
  • Python
  • Game Development (Unity 3D, C#)
  • Web Application (Node.js, Express.js)
  • Mobile Application (React Native, Expo)
  • Database (MongoDB, MySQL)
Organizational & Personal
  • Communication
  • Team Work
  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Language
  • Attention to Details
  • Flexibility
Work Experience
MAR 2020 - MAY 2020
Kineton s.r.l
During my thesis project at the company, I worked on studying facial orientation using Python and libraries such as OpenCV, Matplotlib, and Numpy. The thesis project, titled "Pose Recognition for Human-Interaction in Video Games," was completed in collaboration with Prof. Andrea Abate and Prof. Ignazio Passero
Master's Degree in Computer Science - Cloud Computing
Fisciano (SA)
SEP 2015 - SEP 2020
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
Fisciano (SA)
SEP 2010 - JUN 2015
Scientific High School diploma at the State Institute of Higher Education "Leonardo Da Vinci"
Poggiomarino (NA)

Luxer Assistant

Luxer Assistant is an application designed to offer functionality to support the shop assistant, in order to make the shopping experience of customers unique and promote their loyalty.


Pose Recognition for Human-Interaction in Videogames

This project consists, on the basis of a facial detection system already developed by third parties, in the estimation of the direction of the face and its application in 3D environments and videogames.


Twitter Sentiment Analysis during Covid-19

Given the current situation characterized by the pandemic phenomenon of Covid-19, we want to carry out Sentiment Analysis, through Twitter, to understand what the population thinks about it.



This bot offers information on affiliated health facilities, doctors and above all allow you to easily book specialist visits, thanks to the generation of a QR-code to be shown once you arrive at the facility.

Career Objectives

My ambition is to work on various IT projects in order to acquire all the necessary skills in the fields of IT security and cloud computing, with the aim of excelling in my professional career and supporting young minds so that they have every opportunity to learn and breathe new life into the industry. Keywords for me include discipline, seriousness, constant commitment, and willingness. I firmly believe that discipline, seriousness, and constant commitment are essential to achieving my professional goals. My willingness to learn and to constantly challenge myself drives me to face challenges with enthusiasm and to fully dedicate myself to the projects I am involved in.

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